Best Friend/Mom

8 Feb

Wonder if you still remember me,

wherever you are now.

Havent been writing not because I’ve forgotten you.

Never a day that I don’t think about you.

I lost a best friend too when I lost you.

Things shared between us that only the two of us know.

Funny how I actually miss your fierce glare,

our endless fights,

crapping with you,

telling you stories of my daily events,

your voice,

boardgame-ing with you,

watching horror shows together (thou you always pangseh me at the scariest parts),

and just sleeping beside you.

Too many to be named which I see the need to pen down

before my memory fails me down the years.

Sometimes I really wonder if you are watching me from above.

Will you be happy or disappointed at how I’m doing now?

I guess  some pain in life will never leave because of

some loss which will never return, ever again.

Till the day we meet again, x.



18 Nov


I miss you.

But I can’t feel you anymore.

And that makes me empty & scared. 

Where will you be? How are you doing?



30 Aug

My heart ache like crazy now.

Was looking for pictures took w Hilda to make her an album for her 21st..

Saw many old pictures.. And the pictures stopped at pictures took on Mom’s birthday.

Mom’s last birthday. Which was the only latest pictures we have.

Mom was still looking healthy in the photos, but still very skinny thou.

And one photo which I love alot is where mom was making a wish & dad was at her side looking at her so lovingly.

One regret was there’s no pic with the three of us, a family pic. Cus no one was there to help us take.

& Maybe at that time I thought we could have many chance to take such family pic in the future.

Mom always said, “Wait when I grow back my nice hair and grow fatter then take la” whenever I wanna take photos with/of her.

Another reason is cus of the hole on her neck which she had since a surgery for respiratory purpose.

These pictures are the few most valuable pictures Iam left with. With mom’s priceless smile.

I miss you so much Mommy!

I wont go further. Words just can’t express the feeling I have right now.



28 Jul

Okay this post is specially for my dear Sista JOCELYN!

Because we got this telepathy that is so weird.

Like I mentioned in my Twitter, hardly anyone knows about this blog & I dont blog often (clearly seen).

Yet Jocelyn just came to my blog exactly on this day that I updated, which she’s also in shock about this too!

I think the curse is that whenever I thought nobody will realise, Jocelyn will always find out!

Okay not curse, magical!

The first magical incident was the time when I was thanking her on Twitter and ending off with ‘I doubt she will see this’.

Because she doesnt has a Twitter account. Apparently she see it just after I tweet because she just happen to read my blog.

Amazing right! This’s how strong the telepathy/bond’s between us. We are not just two friends who share the same surname I guess.

Or maybe we should thank our ancestors for this bond. HAHA!

Okay, I love you Sista! Will await for more magical moments to happen. LOL.

Second Post.

28 Jul

As expected, I know myself.. I won’t be a frequent blogger.

Even if Iam feeling lousy, have many thoughts, want to vent all out..

Iam still used to stuffing everything back in, keep everything to myself.

So, I managed to pass 2months plus without mom.

I managed to got through this period.

Thanks to friends who are around to keep me occupied.

Thou, this doesnt mean Iam totally fine. I cant stop thinking of mom.

Iam keeping myself busy.

Filled myself with many jobs. With work & other activities, I wont think that much. At least, in the day.

& My pop piano is gonna resume this Thursday.

Excited about the new school & to see Celeste lao shi after so long.

My new school’s ‘Music Inn’ and it’s located behind Haji Lane.

As much as feeling excited, Iam quite nervous cus I havent touch my piano for months! RUSTY!

Okay, will blog again soon. Hope I will keep this space alive and not just stop at one or two post.


; I need to stop myself before I fall too deep.

A new blog after years.

19 May

Never thought I will be back to blogging after many years.

Think that I may need a place to pen down my emotions. In fact, I badly need one.

Too many things happened lately.

Memories, good or bad.. I wanna recall and remind myself.

Actually thought of blogging months ago. But at that time was purely inspired by a someone.

Many feelings and thoughts to be pen-ed down again.

Now, it’s time to sleep. Sadly, it’s bright morning which means my body clock’s screwed once again.