Second Post.

28 Jul

As expected, I know myself.. I won’t be a frequent blogger.

Even if Iam feeling lousy, have many thoughts, want to vent all out..

Iam still used to stuffing everything back in, keep everything to myself.

So, I managed to pass 2months plus without mom.

I managed to got through this period.

Thanks to friends who are around to keep me occupied.

Thou, this doesnt mean Iam totally fine. I cant stop thinking of mom.

Iam keeping myself busy.

Filled myself with many jobs. With work & other activities, I wont think that much. At least, in the day.

& My pop piano is gonna resume this Thursday.

Excited about the new school & to see Celeste lao shi after so long.

My new school’s ‘Music Inn’ and it’s located behind Haji Lane.

As much as feeling excited, Iam quite nervous cus I havent touch my piano for months! RUSTY!

Okay, will blog again soon. Hope I will keep this space alive and not just stop at one or two post.


; I need to stop myself before I fall too deep.


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