30 Aug

My heart ache like crazy now.

Was looking for pictures took w Hilda to make her an album for her 21st..

Saw many old pictures.. And the pictures stopped at pictures took on Mom’s birthday.

Mom’s last birthday. Which was the only latest pictures we have.

Mom was still looking healthy in the photos, but still very skinny thou.

And one photo which I love alot is where mom was making a wish & dad was at her side looking at her so lovingly.

One regret was there’s no pic with the three of us, a family pic. Cus no one was there to help us take.

& Maybe at that time I thought we could have many chance to take such family pic in the future.

Mom always said, “Wait when I grow back my nice hair and grow fatter then take la” whenever I wanna take photos with/of her.

Another reason is cus of the hole on her neck which she had since a surgery for respiratory purpose.

These pictures are the few most valuable pictures Iam left with. With mom’s priceless smile.

I miss you so much Mommy!

I wont go further. Words just can’t express the feeling I have right now.



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