Best Friend/Mom

8 Feb

Wonder if you still remember me,

wherever you are now.

Havent been writing not because I’ve forgotten you.

Never a day that I don’t think about you.

I lost a best friend too when I lost you.

Things shared between us that only the two of us know.

Funny how I actually miss your fierce glare,

our endless fights,

crapping with you,

telling you stories of my daily events,

your voice,

boardgame-ing with you,

watching horror shows together (thou you always pangseh me at the scariest parts),

and just sleeping beside you.

Too many to be named which I see the need to pen down

before my memory fails me down the years.

Sometimes I really wonder if you are watching me from above.

Will you be happy or disappointed at how I’m doing now?

I guess  some pain in life will never leave because of

some loss which will never return, ever again.

Till the day we meet again, x.


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